Shopping Info

Can I customize my bouquet?

    Flower bouquet customization are only available at our walk-in store. As for online shoppers, currently we offer only those bouquets as listed in our website.
    However, we appreciate any suggestions on any specific types of flowers that you wish to see in our range.
    Kindly suggest in the Live Chat bubble located on the bottom right of our website and we will strive to add it to our flower range as soon as possible.
    Alternatively, you may also email us at or talk to our friendly florist. We love hearing from you!

    Can you create exactly the same bouquet as the picture reference?

      We hesitate doing exact bouquet reproductions to allow for creative freedom and to expose ourselves to working with new flower varieties.
      We will try our best to replicate the style and colour, but it won’t be exactly the same due to seasonal differences which will affect the appearance of each bloom.

      Can I see the picture of my order?

        Sure. Request a picture of your arrangement while placing order and we will be more than happy to send it to you via email or Facebook messenger.


        Payment Info

        What is the product transaction currency?

          All orders will be transacted in Malaysian Ringgit currency (MYR).

          What are the payment methods available?

            COCOBLUSH accepts online payment via iPay88 (This includes all local bank transfer as well as Credit Card payments). Cheques are acceptable for business and corporate clients (cheque made payable to COCOBLUSH). We always recommend our customers to pay via credit card, Maybank2U, and other listed on iPay88 platform as the payment processing will take place automatically and we can proceed directly to fulfill your order.


            Delivery Info

            Which are the areas that COCOBLUSH covers for delivery?

              We are able to deliver fresh flowers to whole Malaysia (Yup, East Included!).

              Do COCOBLUSH offer International Shipping?

                At the moment COCOBLUSH do not offer International Shipping, we only deliver within Malaysia.

                However, we are open to new suggestions if you find our flower selection very alluring and can't wait to get a hold of one yourself! If so, kindly email to, we'd love to hear from you!

                How much will the delivery cost?

                  Delivery charge is FREE for ALL our flowers creation! (Within Peninsular Malaysia, excluding East Malaysia)
                  Even same day delivery is possible if the order is made before 12.00pm. For East Malaysia, charges are RM60 for any orders.

                  Can COCOBLUSH deliver to schools?

                    Yes, but there are a few issues with deliveries to schools due to the terms & regulations. Our dedicated flower courier will deliver your bouquets to the school office and it is the responsibility of the school to notify the recipient of the bouquet. In the event the school refuses the delivery, our flower courier will contact you immediately in order to get an alternate address for the recipient. If you want to have a delivery made to a school for Valentine's Day, we strongly encourage you to plan for the order to be delivered to you on the day before.
                    This will increase the probability of a successful delivery.

                    Can COCOBLUSH deliver to hospitals?

                      Yes, we can. For hospital deliveries, kindly include the name of the recipient, hospital address, and room/ward number. Normally, your bouquets will be delivered to the floor nurse’s station as majority hospitals do not allow florists into individual rooms. However, our dedicated flower courier will verify the room number of the recipient with the hospital.
                      If the patient has been discharged, we will contact you immediately to come up with an alternate solution.

                      Can COCOBLUSH deliver to businesses?

                        Sure. For business deliveries, kindly include the name of the recipient, the name of the business, address, including the suite number if available, and phone number. If a special delivery time is not requested, your arrangement will be delivered latest by 4.30 pm. It certainly may arrive earlier, but we will guarantee that it will be there by 4.30 pm.
                        When delivering to a business, we deliver to the front desk and it is the responsibility of the reception to notify the recipient of the bouquet.

                        Does COCOBLUSH deliver on Sundays and holidays?

                          Yes. COCOBLUSH delivers bouquets on any day of the week, including Sundays and holidays. However, for Sundays and holidays deliveries, the order must be placed at least one day ahead before 12.00pm. If there’s any chance that we are unable to make the delivery, you will be notified of the situation and we will come out with an alternate solution.

                          How far in advance can I arrange for delivery?

                            We accept orders within operation hours either online or by phone. However, for same day delivery (excluding Sundays and holidays), the order must be placed before 12.00pm.
                            Feel free to contact us at +603 8994 2893 / +6017 912 9382, or email us at

                            What if it is raining? Can the couriers still deliver the bouquets?

                              We stand behind our products and services with confidence! We guarantee to deliver your arrangement of flowers on time and date, regardless of the weather (except if there exceptionally rare cases like big floods).

                              How do I know that my bouquets were delivered?

                                Once our flower courier returns from the delivery route, we will update all customers on their order status via email. Until then, we unfortunately cannot provide more detailed information regarding your order.


                                Self-Collect Info

                                Can I pick up the bouquets myself?

                                  Yes, you can! COCOBLUSH do operate a storefront business located at Lot 20-1, Block 5, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Jalil Link, Bukit Jalil, 57000, Kuala Lumpur.

                                  Our operation hours are Mon – Sat: 9.30am -5.30 pm.

                                  What time can I collect my flowers?

                                    You can contact us by providing your order details and collection time, our florist will make sure it's ready by then.


                                    Flower Care

                                    How long do the flowers usually last?

                                      COCOBLUSH flowers are all freshly arranged bouquets. Typically, they will last 3-5 days in our local heat and humidity. To prolong the life of your arrangement, make sure you follow our flower care instructions. Some flowers such as orchids will even last up to 2 weeks.

                                      How do I care for my flowers?

                                        Simply refer to COCOBLUSH Flower Care page.


                                        Inquiries & Customer Service Info

                                        Where can I send inquiries?

                                          You can send us through: